National Beer Day & Craft Jerky

April 7th is National Beer Day and is celebrated for the legalization of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.    Many celebrate the night before, which is dubbed New Beers Eve, but regardless of the day you celebrate, we’ve written the perfect article to help combine two American favorites:  cheap beer and craft beef jerky.

While the craft beer drinkers will be writing articles to celebrate high end Lagers, Porters, and Stouts, we thought we’d take a few minutes to celebrate it in a different way, by pairing it with cheap beer.

We’ve hand selected each of these brews and narrowed our selection to the four we think really have a shot at going well with your air dried meat, but we encourage you to experiment, leave comments and share with your fellow carnivores your favorite cheap beer and jerky combo.

The Natty Light Beef Jerky Pairing

Natty Light

Natty Light who’s real name is really Natural Ice is a staple for college kids and those looking to do it right.      You can get a full 30-pack case of Natty Light for about fifteen bucks and by the fourth of fifth can, you’ll think you are drinking a more expensive India Pale Ale.   

We prefer the sweet beef jerky as it packs a punch with flavor and gives your mouth a nice sugary precursor.   We recommend chewing the jerky for at least a minute and even leaving a bit in your mouth as you crack open and consume your 30-pack.  

The Old Milwaukee Beef Jerky Pairing

Ol’ Mil

Old Milwaukee has a lot of rice and corn flavors than its competitors, but it makes up for the difference with a boost of metallic acid taste.   While some may prefer adding tomato juice, we really think dehydrated cow is the way to go.

To offset the metallic acid, we suggest a BBQ based Beef Jerky.     Similar to adding tomato juice to your Ol’ Mil you will first wet your pallet with the spices, flavors, and richness of a great barbecue sauce that’ll turn your Old Milwaukee tasting into a flavor rollercoaster.   

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Beef Jerky Pairing


Pabst Blue Ribbon aka PBR has made a comeback over the years, but don’t worry you don’t have to be sport a pornstache, drive an El-Camino, or roll your cigarettes up in your sleeve to enjoy one of these tall boys.   PBR is for everyone, even you!

PBR is watery and with a slightly grainy taste to it, which makes pairing it with a chipotle flavored beef jerky a great pairing for those that enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon.     Chipotle has a spiciness and a distinctive smoky flavor and when mixed with hint of grainy hops from Pabst Blue Ribbon, you’ll be asking for both more jerky and more PBR.    

The Budweiser Beef Jerky Pairing


Our last contender for this Beef Jerky Beer Pairing tutorial is our friend Budweiser.   No matter where you go, it’s around. As Budweiser is made with barley malt, rice, water, hops and yeast and lagered with beechwood chips in the aging vessel, we think we have the perfect Beef Jerky pairing for your next tailgate party.   

Known for the sweet rice aftertaste, Budweiser can best be paired with spicey Beef Jerky.   In fact, we think the spicier jerky with a little more heat helps make the flavors this beer really stand on its own.   

Final Thoughts

I think the Jerky is down here.

We’ve provided you 4 great beers to celebrate National Beer Day without breaking the bank, in fact you can roll down to your local gas station and pick up supplies now, but what we haven’t provided you is a way to make sure your pantry is stocked up with the right flavors of Beef Jerky, which can happen through our Beef Jerky Subscription (*shameless plug).   Each month our consumers of dehydrated meat, will hand pick the best beef jerky in the nation and deliver to you direct.   You’ll be able to experience new flavors, brands, and craft meat that we’ve scoured the earth to find.


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