Make Traveling Better With Jerky

The joys of traveling. Whether it’s a cross country trip, or a forty five minute jaunt to a family destination, jerky is the easy to answer to better traveling.

You’re a brilliant parent, so you’ve planned all sorts of games. Here are some games you might consider playing:

Imagine the scene: you’re all packed up. The bags are in the trunk. The kids are in the back seat. You pull out of the driveway.

  1. Spot the State License Plates Travel Game. Find a license plate for each state. This seems like a cool idea. Until you realize no one from anywhere except the immediate tri-state area travels in your particular town. Fail.

  2. I Spy With My Little Eye. Hey kids, this is going to be so fun! You can definitely play this for about 8 seconds. After that, it’s the most boring thing on the planet. Is it blue? It’s the sky. Is it white? It’s a cloud. Let me guess, it’s green and it’s the grass. BORING.

  3. Rhyme Time. I say a word and you say a rhyme! This game is also super engaging fun for about a half of a minute. You start off with “cat” and all hell breaks loose. Bat! Rat! Mat! Hat! But after that, it’s about a zero on the scale of one to ten in “fun car games.”

That’s why is going to change the game. Stop playing boring games in the same old boring way.

Introducing: jerky.

Jerky will change the way you travel, and more importantly: how you kill time while traveling.

Now imagine this, if you will: everyone piles into the car. Their already on high alert that this is going to be a horrifying ride, deep in the depths of despair. And then…you bring out a bag of jerky.

“Hey, can someone open this?” you ask, as everyone in the car clamors to open up the fresh bag od deliciousness. All of a sudden, life isn’t so bad. Because tasty jerky has arrived.

Next, with everyone chomping down on the flavor sticks, the conversation is different. It’s lighter. Happier. Dare we say it…fun!

“Hey everybody, let’s play name the wackiest flavor of jerky you can think of!” Everyone in your car bursts out laughing as they announce, “This shall be the most fun travel game we have ever played!”

“Walrus jerky! Dandelion jerky! Kool-Air jerky!” The humor is endless!

Now you’re all laughing, playing games, high fiving – and you have arrived at your destination.

My goodness, that was different! All because of the broken seal on a bag of premium jerky. The ride went quicker, the company was more pleasant and the day seems perfect.

If you want better travel, bring out better jerky. The monthly subsciption to is a sure fire way to make sure every car trip is the best it can be.

If you’re cool with cranky passengers, annoying kids and boring games…just keep on doing what you’re doing (although we DO NOT recommend it).



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