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Truffle-O - 1oz
Truffle-O - 1ozTruffle-O - 1ozTruffle-O - 1oz

Righteous Felon



Righteous Felon - Truffle-O Soldier


The world's first and only truffle-infused beef jerky, and we don't mean truffle oil or truffle "essence" that's added as an afterthought as the last ingredient just so the name can be in the product title (and inevitably disappoint the customer with weak flavor). No, this jerky is made by adding real black truffle powder, sourced from Italy, into our O.G. Hickory marinade. The resulting delicacy is a smoky, savory, sweet, earthy "UMAMI BOMB" with just the right dose of truffle to delight the senses and set your taste buds' gearshift into overdrive.


All-Natural Top Round Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Soybeans, Salt, Molasses, Vinegar, Black Pepper, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Alcohol, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Paprika, Cloves, Chili Powder, Truffles (Summer Truffles, Aroma).

Allergens: Contains Soy. Gluten Free.