Maryland Monroe - 2oz
Maryland Monroe - 2ozMaryland Monroe - 2oz

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Righteous Felon - Maryland Monroe

Ahh, Maryland, Righteous Felons amphibious neighbors to the south. They've been sourcing Righteous Felon's all-natural, pasture-raised Black Angus beef from their partner Roseda Farm, based in northern Maryland, since making their first batch of beef jerky back in 2012.

In the ensuing years, they've learned that Maryland does another thing very well aside from just crab cakes and football: Dousing everything in sight with a heavy dose of a piquant spice blend seasoning synonymous with the Chesapeake region, known as Old Bay - which their legal team tells us can never be mentioned again on the site and will henceforth be known as Chesapeake Crab Spice. While Chesapeake Crab Spice isn't widely known to the rest of the country, this stuff is basically canon in Maryland and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic states. And for good reason - it's freaking delicious.