Why Small Jerky Companies Rule

You’re probably sitting there in your ivory tower thinking, “If there is one thing I know about, it’s delicious jerky flavor profiles.” The fact that you’re on this site is proof that you are correct. Oh, and also, congratulations on the recent purchase of your ivory tower, we’re super excited for you!

But back to the point: it’s important that you do know good jerky from…well, pretty much everything else on the market.

Here are three ways you can tell if the jerky you have is tippy top quality, and up to the standards of – and of course, your distinguished pallet.

  1. You can actually read the ingredients, and have heard of them. This is probably the most important, and grossest part of the jerky industry. You see, sells jerky that is made by craftsman who actually care about their product and the end result. They want it to taste good, be natural and make you actually want to eat it again. The next time you’re at a grocery store, pick up a package of jerky. Look at the ingredients. It’s a lot of “fructose” and “somethingelseadose” and “neverheardofitose.” Not only are the ingredients straight out of a science fiction novel, they are made by people who don’t care. These major beef jerky companies are just trying to pump out cheap, no quality products to try and make a profit. Choose premium. Choose

  2. It’s not sold at the dollar store. Believe this one truth: if you find jerky at a store for less than one dollar, it probably has been on the shelf since the late 1980s. The best jerky is made with the highest quality standards, and only small jerky companies can maintain this type of strict quality control. Not only that, our jerky entrepreneurs are consistently striving to make their product better, not just cheaper.

  3. It just tastes better. The difference between bootleg, cheap-o jerky and the premium product you’ll find made by small jerky companies can be summed up in one little delicious bite sized word: taste. You may have eaten some mainstream jerky in the past. You probably realized that there must be something better out there, which is why floats your boat. Once you try any of the products on this site, we are certain your taste buds will perk up, slap you on the inside of the cheek and announce, “This is what we’ve been looking for!”

When the taste for jerky arrives (which, to be honest – is all the time), choose small jerky company made products. They almost always have better, natural ingredients, superior taste, and you’re supporting real people – not just gigantic nameless corporations trying to make profits.

Anyone who has made their way to already has the finest tastes in dried meats, we can just sense it. So while you’re here, browse through the mouth watering options from small batch purveyors of delectableness (a word we wish we made up…but turns out it’s actually real).

The next time you’re on a trip, hanging out with friends, or just hankering for high quality jerky – you’ll be glad you chose to eat the meat from the people who make it the best: small batch jerky makers.

Small jerky companies…we salute you. You are friggin’ delicious.


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