Give the Gift of Beef Jerky

Are you someone who is a notoriously bad gift giver? Have you ever stood awkwardly in stores trying to think of what to get your friend or loved one for whichever of the many gift-giving holidays it is of the year? From Valentine’s Day to birthdays to Christmas, there is no shortage of holidays where one can struggle to find gifts. If this sounds like you, then maybe you need a little help from Jerky Subscription. Here is a list of the different ways you can use beef jerky to show your friend or loved one just how much they mean to you.

Potential reaction.

Jerky Flowers

True Love starts with dried meat.

Often times you see movies where the character’s big romantic gesture is having a trail of flower petals leading from the doorway to the bedroom. However, that has been done so many times that it has become so cliché that it might not make as big of a pop as you would like. Why not try replacing rose petals with pieces of beef jerky? Imagine, your loved one coming through the door and seeing a trail of beef jerky. They pick up each piece one by one, eating it along the way, leading to a bed full of grass-fed beef jerky! It is guaranteed that rolling around in a pile of beef jerky instead of flower petals will give your partner a memory they will never forget.

Jerky Stocking Stuffer

New smartphones, tablets, computers, and handheld gaming systems are a thing of the past. Kids these days are more likely to expect the newest tech gadget than a delicious bag of paleo friendly beef jerky. Why not give them the shock of their life when you hand them their stocking for Christmas, only for them to pour out different delicious flavors of beef jerky! Watch as your children jump joyously up and down on the couch while chewing grass-fed jerky that’s free of GMOs!

Jerky-Stuffed Easter Eggs

Surprise, Beef Jerky!

Every Easter, parents fill their local parks with screaming children high on chocolate running around looking for even more candy-filled eggs. Why not be one of the parents not contributing to the growing national health crisis that is childhood obesity by filling your kid’s eggs with beef jerky? Watch as your kids have the endurance to continue playing while the other children are sugar-crashed on the ground.

Beef Jerky Air Freshener

Smells Delicious.

Why settle for gifting your friend or loved one a generic air freshener scent like “Clean Linen” or “Hawaiian Sunrise” when you can give them a bag of beef jerky? Grab some string, throw some beef jerky around their rear-view mirror, and let it sit out in the sun. Watch your friend or loved one get into their car the next morning to the savory aroma of spicy teriyaki or original seasoned beef jerky. What better way to spend a road trip with a friend than a good mixtape and smelling delicious beef jerky.

Whether you choose to spice up your romance with spiced beef jerky or surprising your children with dried beef instead of the puppy they asked for; there is no shortage of gift ideas for beef jerky. When you’re ready to give the gift of jerky head on over to to check out jerky subscription plans and gift ideas!


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