Beef Jerky: The Perfect Snack

Through time, humanity has settled on a few universal truths that remain unchanged—we need to breathe air to survive, the sun sets on the west, and beef jerky is delicious.

The latter is particularly important—beef jerky is the best snack to have whenever the munchies strike, be it mid-afternoon or after midnight.

But the truth is that it is far more than just tasty and convenient. Just as it happens with Transformers, there much more to beef jerky than meets the eye.

How much? Satisfy your cravings and curiosity by checking Jerky Subscription’s top reasons why beef jerky is not just a snack, but the snack.

1. It fills you up faster.

The main purpose of snacks isn’t just to satisfy a craving—it’s to keep you from going hungry between meals. Of course, this means that the more fulfilling your snack is, the less likely you are to engage in overeating.

Beef jerky has no comparison in this field, and it’s all thanks to the protein.

You see, jerky is rich on protein. So rich, in fact, that it makes up about 33% of all its nutritional content. Protein is well-known to make you feel full much faster, as it is slower to digest—meaning that having a small bite of jerky will keep you satisfied from longer.

But that is not all.

2. It is low in carbohydrates.

If you are currently worried about carbs and hesitate to snack on good ol’ beef jerky, worry not—regardless of brand or flavor, it is always a low-carbohydrate food.

While it is true that artificial flavoring and other additives can increase the carbohydrate levels of beef jerky, an average piece will contain barely over two grams of carbohydrates—considerably less than other popular snack choices.

The best part is that, nowadays, there are many alternatives for you to consider. Some brands of beef jerky are purposefully elaborated with low carb content, allowing you to enjoy your package with zero guilt.


3. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

It might sound like we’re advertising a cereal, but it’s true—beef jerky is a fantastic source for a plethora of vitamins and minerals our bodies regularly need.

A single serving of beef jerky provides 20% of the daily phosphorus intake your body needs, 16% of the iron recommended, and assorted levels of zinc, copper, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Not too shabby.

When it comes to vitamins, the benefits are equally impressive—beef jerky is full of vitamin B. To be specific, it delivers 39% of the B-12 suggested for daily consumption, as well as smaller doses of B-6, niacin, riboflavin, amongst others.

4. Beef jerky is easy to carry and store.

The best snacks have three key characteristics: they are delicious, healthy, and easy to carry with you everywhere. After all—what use is there for a fast treat that you can’t have readily available at any moment?

Beef jerky occupies little to no space, and it’s so easy to sneak around that you can even smuggle it inside the cinema without anyone noticing.

Precisely for these reasons, it is also easy to store. Even better, it has a long shelf life—way over two years. And if you ask me, any snack that you can enjoy after lying forgotten for over a year is the best snack.

5. You can make your own beef jerky at home.

We all love a convenient snack—buy, open, eat. No complications or elaborate process.

However, sometimes we feel an inclination for something homemade, be it because we enjoy cooking, or because commercial brands do not offer what we seek. Thankfully, we jerky lovers have it easy—we can make it at home without much effort. Add your favorite flavor combinations and control the calories you include, as easy as that!

Best part? You can always include the resulting beef jerky in any recipe you’d like and create a cuisine delicacy.

6. It’s perfect for diabetic people.

A diabetes diagnosis changes your approach to food in general—some even assume it equals a farewell to snacking for good. While that might be true for certain less-than-ideal treats, it does not apply for beef jerky.

The perfect diabetic snack is low-carb, rich in protein, and features little to no saturated fats. If that description sounds familiar, is because it fits beef jerky to a T.

While beef jerky is featured regularly in most lists suggesting snacks for diabetic folks, be mindful and check the carbohydrate content—some brands include additives that might increase the carbs or sugar levels beyond the standards we previously explained.

7. It comes in many flavors.

Let’s get the facts straight—beef jerky tastes like beef jerky. We love that flavor, and that is what we’re here for.

But the market has been evolving steadily, and now beef jerky comes in all sort of delightful flavors, combinations so exotic and ingenious that might sound ridiculous, but will cause severe addiction in a matter of minutes.

Who doesn’t like an innovative snack that tastes so familiar, yet varied at the same time? It satisfies your craving for that particular meaty flavor without ever boring you, giving you something new to enjoy depending on your mood.

Likewise, there are many options tailor-made for people with different dietary needs, including low-fat and organic alternatives.

8. Because we love it!

We have gone through many elaborate explanations that attempt to justify our deep love for beef jerky, but to be honest, beef jerky is the perfect snack because it’s our favorite one. As simple as that!

While it is important to mind what we eat and make sure we are consuming healthy content, the fundamental truth is that we enjoy beef jerky because it is delicious, and its savory taste appeals to our senses.

The best snack will always be relative to preferences and interests, and here at Jerky Subscription, nothing compares to beef jerky.

And since you’re here, we bet it’s the same for you too.


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