Join The #1 Jerky of The Month Club


$199.50 for three months

$129.00 for three months 

Embrace your jerky obsession with the maximum amount of choices. This mega box is perfect fans that want to try a wide variety of flavors and discover more brands. Now you can try the nation’s best craft jerky (and get more of it every single month)!

This top-tier jerky subscription box option includes six hand-picked bags of artisanal jerky. Open up a fresh surprise that never gets boring or redundant – you’ll never get the same thing twice. With six bold, fresh flavors inside very box, you can treat your taste buds and discover new favorites.

Unlike other jerky of the month club options, we taste-test every flavor of jerky and only curate the very best! This beef jerky has passed our rigorous taste, packaging, flavor, and texture tests before being hand-picked and hand-packaged into your box.

We’ve tested more than 1,000 types of craft jerky from across the country and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Taste and discover six of our favorites in your next box!

  • Thirteen original jerky flavors ranging (averaging a total of 12-18 ounces)
  • Free subscription shipping in the US
  • Hand-picked artisanal and craft beef jerky