Join The #1 Beef Jerky of The Month Club!


$25.00 per month

Month-to-Month Jerky of the Month Membership

Unlock your taste buds with more flavors and access to under-the-radar brands. This jerky of the month club subscription includes four hand-picked bags of jerky in a hand-packed box. Enjoy a new bag of mouthwatering jerky every week until the next box is delivered on your doorstep. (Or, if you don’t have the willpower, simply enjoy it while it lasts!)

All of our jerky subscription box options include high-quality, artisanal jerky from the nation’s best craft makers and small brands. This middle tier is perfect for anyone who wants a monthly jerky gift at an affordable price. Unwrap four bags every month and treat your carnivorous taste buds!

We’re always on the lookout for the most interesting flavors, stylish packaging, and perfect jerky texture. We’ve taste-tested more than 1,000 bags of jerky, and we’re still not done. Every month, you’ll receive four original flavors, and no box will ever repeat.


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