Using your gift card to score craft beef jerky

The holidays are upon us and if you are odds are you will end up opening a cute holiday card that has a gift card.   It’s probably because you are hard to buy from or the person that purchased the gift doesn’t have much affection for you, but none the less you will now be armed with power to choose your own destiny.   

If you were lucky enough to get a standard Visa, Master Card, American Express card your new craft beef jerky experience is just a few clicks away.     Size it, select the term, and in just a few days your first beef jerky subscription box will arrive.

If you happen to be one of those folks that got a Starbucks gift card & don’t drink coffee or Hobby Lobby Gift card and aren’t into crafts, you’ll have a little more navigation to do to secure your beef jerky of the club membership.   

Blackhawk Network, YouGov conducted a survey of over 1,100 people and 29% percent said the following:   “I have received a gift card that I never used.”

The first step in making good use of your unwanted gift card is to take action now. Once your Chuck-E-Cheese gift card ends up in a junk drawer, it’s odd of getting used are reduced.   

We’ve put together a nice little step by step guide to transform your undesirable gift card into a beef jerky subscription in less than 3 steps.

Step 1:     Visit and create an account.   Here you can trade and sell your unwanted gift card.

Step 2:  Return to with your new found wealth and subscribe to our TWO, FOUR, SIX beef jerky subscription boxes.

Step 3:  Within a couple of days from orders, enjoy your first box of craft beef jerky 

As you are enjoying new flavors of beef jerky delivered to you monthly, it’ll serve as a monthly reminder that you put your undesirable gift card to good use.    It’ll be a way better feeling that finding the $100 Gift card from Blockbuster Video and realizing you haven't owned a DVD player in 10 years.    

Happy Holidays from 


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