Poker Tournament Snacks

Look, we’re going to cut right to the chase. You’re on a website called and we don’t waste time. We know you love jerky. Jerky is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon man, and we’re looking to kick things up a notch by making you a bonafide local celebrity in your group of friends.

So you’ve got a card tournament coming up (probably poker, not Go Fish) or a gathering, get together or family party. Whatever you call it, we’re going to give you the ultimate recipe list to make you an all-star.

Now you’ve probably been to a bunch of other websites that talk about appetizers and party food that have like 50 million ingredients. Sure, it would be badass if you made fresh bay scallops with cilantro and a dollop of deconstructed tartar sauce. But guess what – never going to happen.

You’ve got stuff to do, no time, and the only sensible things is to try and get the party food job done in the most efficient manner possible. Welcome, jerky.

Jerky is everything you’ve ever wanted all in one snack. It’s delicious. It’s filling. It comes in like a million flavors. Jerky is the answer.

Here are five ideas for you to take your next party the talk of the town:

  1. Jerky on a stick. Oh, snap! We are taking the premium, unbelievably wonderfulness of jerky and putting it on a stick?! For guests?! Hell yes!

  2. A salad. BUT YOU ADD JERKY. I mean, are we geniuses? I feel like we are. Here’s a sample of what a party guest might say after tasting your salad with added jerky: “Wow, this salad is so good, what’s that unique taste and texture – IT’S JERKY!?!? YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING.”

  3. Jerky Tacos: I mean, at what point does this website win an award for brilliant ideas? Everyone loves tacos. Everyone loves jerky. Marry the two together and all of a sudden, you are living the high life.

  4. Jerky on Pizza. HOT DAMN it’s culinary genius time! Winner: you. Instead of pepperoni, how about jerky. Looks like you’ve got a five star meal in your hands.

  5. Jerky Trail Mix in a fancy bowl. Imagine your party people creepin’ up on a bowl and wondering what the taste mix is that lay within. All of a sudden they taste it, and everything’s different. Their day is brighter. Their smile wider. They’ve got a mouth full of pretzels, M&Ms and jerky. Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s the bee’s knees (please note no bees were harmed in the making of any of’s jerky making process).

So there you have it: the answers to all of your party food planning. Jerky takes the boring old menu and flips it on it’s head, all the while screaming “TIME FOR JERKY TO SHINE, BRO!”

Simple. Delicious. Jerky. The winner in all party food contests, at all times.


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